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Do something GOOD, Do something KIND, TODAY.
Dear Friends and Partners of Honour (Singapore),


Honour (Singapore) is launching a new initiative “Do something good, do something kind, today” to appreciate and recognize acts of goodness and kindness, with the support of Singapore Kindness Movement.

We will launch this initiative on Sunday 26 April 2020, in the middle of the Circuit Breaker.

It is a call to action (Do Something Good…Do Something Kind) with urgency (Today). Doing Good and Being Kind requires thinking of others and thinking of the value of anything we do. They are acts of Honour.

This initiative is simply to encourage everyone to do whatever they can, each in their own way, to do good and be kind.

COVID-19, with all the calls for social distancing, and thus of asking people to keep their distance from each other, has now brought urgency to the idea of people having to express care and concern for each other. It is now even more important that we work consciously at being socially and emotionally connected.

The idea is to "legitimise" acts of goodness and kindness to increasingly be the way we think of each other and treat each other, not just between people that we know, but between people we run into in our daily lives, be they neighbours or fellow commuters or food centre customers or work colleagues etc.
The initiative will be carried through a variety of channels, the objective all the time being to encourage action. An important component would be creating a significant presence on Instagram as a prime means of reaching out especially to the younger part of our population.

We are launching this initiative on Instagram @goodkindsg and the hashtag #goodkindsg

We invite you, your organisations, your network of contacts contribute stories of whatever you see and whatever you do which is good and kind.

This way we encourage each other as well as give ideas to one another on how we can “Do Something Good, Do Something Kind, Today”.

If you have any stories to share of what you do or see which is good and kind, please tag us @goodkindsg or post it on your own Instagram account with the hashtag #goodkindsg. Alternatively, you can email your story to me at Good.Kind.SG.IG@gmail.com and I will get it posted @goodkindsg.

There are many good and kind acts taking place daily. It is a matter of keeping our eyes open and our ears alert. We need to crank up the momentum to have good and kind acts – which are all acts of honour – become the norm in these days of high social and emotional stress with the Circuit Breaker.

Thank you. Take care. Be safe. Keep well.


Lim Siong Guan
Founding Chairman, Honour (Singapore)
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